Things To Do On A Dinner Date At Home

Having a dinner date at home might be the most romantic idea ever. You are at the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to dress up, you can do whatever you want and it also saves time and money. As you move further in your relationship, dates are not about going to fancy restaurants and movie theatres, but rather spending quality time with each other and enjoying each other’s company. So if you planned on having a dinner date at home, these are some activities you can do.

Build a fort

It might sound childish but well, being childish with your partner is fun! If you’ve got kids, now is the time to turn the tables and you build a fort instead. Gather all the pillows, cushions and sheets you could, hang some fairy lights around, take your laptop and Chinese dumplings from Chinese restaurant inside and enjoy a romantic movie. It’ll be your own little personal space, cuddling up to each other. It is fun to build, bringing back all childhood memories. If you like, do some role play too. Be mindful that sometimes blanket forts can get a bit hot so have a mini fan fixed inside.

Look at old photos and videos

Wouldn’t it be amazing to watch your wedding video all over again? It will make you walk down memory lane, reminding you of all the fun times you’ve had. You could watch the amazing dates you had, the picnics and road trips, the wedding, your baby’s first steps etc. Nostalgia is a very strong emotion that could bring back some spice into your lives. You could laugh at the crazy things you’ve done, and cry remembering the people you’ve lost. It’s all worth the emotional trail.

Cook a new recipe together

It’s not the same as when you eat dumplings from take-out as when you two cook together. Cooking becomes a chore around the household that the fun of it is forgotten as time passes. Rather, you can pick a new recipe and cook it together. If you’ve always wanted to try and make lasagna but never had the chance to, now is the time. It’s all about getting creative and also being messy. Cooking has been known to inculcate patience and understanding in couples so you might be learning a lot about each other in the process. Click here for more info on dumplings Melbourne.

Play your favourite games

A good game of monopoly, ludo or cards will bring out the competitor in you, which is also needed in a relationship. You need to avoid taking each other for granted and such games can give you some sense of achievement and be extremely fun too.

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