Things You Are Doing That’s Ruining Your Posture

Your body is your responsibility and to do anything in life you need to take good care of it! To live a long and healthy life you need to take care of how you treat your body. This includes not only taking the right diet, but also being mindful of how you sit, stand, carry things and whatnot. However, most of the times it is our own habits that we do consciously or unconsciously, that ruins our bodies. Knowing what they are and working on getting rid of them is the best thing you could do to improve your body and health. So here are some things you need to know that’s ruining your posture.

Remaining glued to your phone

Unless you are lying down on your bed, most of the time smartphones are held in your palm. So if you want to take a look at it or scroll down aimlessly from one page to another, you need to look down. This habit has created a lot of complexities and pains in the neck and shoulder areas amongst many, thus landing them in Subiaco physio! Therefore, to prevent this from happening and taking better care of your body, you need to make sure that you maintain enough time away from your phone. Don’t always be looking down!

Carrying heavy bags

When you have to carry a backpack always make sure that the weight in it is balanced. In other words, don’t try to look cool by wearing only one strap, instead make sure that you wear them both. The weight that you have to carry on your shoulders should also not be more than a certain amount according to physiotherapy experts. So when you have the opportunity and space to leave back heavy things in school or at your workplace, do use it! This would help in eliminating the chances of suffering from a hunched back over the years.

Wear the right shoes

Your entire body weight is borne by your feet. Therefore, when you are selecting shoes to wear you need to pay special attention to comfort. If your shoes don’t feel right or they feel uncomfortable switch them to easier ones that you could walk in. As a woman you may feel the need to wear high heels and while that is perfectly alright you need to keep in mind that you don’t overdo things. Like precious jewelry that you wear once in a while, let your heels also be something that you wear occasionally. This way you can prevent the stress you put on your feet especially by wearing thin stilettos that aren’t the best when it comes to supporting your body.

Slouching whilst sitting

When you are sitting you need to sit right. This means at least at an angle more than 120°. Slouching while sitting could result in horrible posture, backaches and whatnot. So sit right! Take the above tips into account and improve your lifestyle and maintain your body right!

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