Why Do I Need To Remove My Wisdom Tooth?

It is hard to listen to a statement from the dentists that you have to remove the wisdom tooth. This statement becomes really bothering when the wisdom tooth has apparently in no problem and it is not hurting you at all. Therefore, you would definitely ask your dentist the reason behind wisdom tooth removal in chatswood.

This treatment is a popular practice among dental practitioners these days. Instead of treating they prefer removing the wisdom tooth surgically.

How to safeguard the wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth is not often painful. This apparent condition does not mean that everything is perfectly well with the wisdom tooth. Sometimes the problem is not visible as the tooth is either stuck or impacted. This prevents them from breaking through the jaw and the mouth. Sometimes the mouth is limited in size and so it cannot make enough space for the teeth. The wisdom tooth sometimes grows at an angle that bothers other teeth too. In this way the teeth around them can get damaged due to excessive pressure from the wisdom teeth.

If the problem begins at an early year of wisdom tooth appearance then the dentists prefer removing the molars first. There is no need to linger on with the problem as with the age the bones get harder and this makes your teeth hard to remove.

Sometimes the problems become so hard to handle the undue pressure of the wisdom tooth can fracture the teeth in the neighbourhood leading to heavy bleeding, numbness in the jaw and difficulty in using the jaw. Thus, it is important to visit the dentists to make sure that the problem is resolved immediately.

Do I really need wisdom teeth removal?

If the dentist has observed a line or problem in the X-ray of the wisdom teeth then it is the sign that your wisdom tooth needs immediate removal.

Here are some important factors that might lead to the wisdom tooth removal.

  • If the molars that you don’t actually need in your mouth are pushing the rest of the teeth then it can cause severe pain in the mouth and can make biting at the soft food even something very painful.
  • The patients often visit the dentists with a cyst near the newly grown teeth. If this cyst is not dealt with properly it can create cavities even in the jaws. The aftermath is damaged nerves that can result in sensitivity.
  • If you do not address the problems in time then it can aggravate sinus related problems too that can result in congestion too.
  • You would not be able to enjoy your favourite food if there is some problem with the gums. Infected and problematic wisdom tooth can result in inflammation of jaws as it is hard to clean the gums regularly.
  • The gum swelling can gradually result in cavities that can become even more painful.
  • Undue pressure from the wisdom tooth can cause misalignment of the teeth.

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